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Littleton Psychiatry

Littleton Psychiatry

Proud To Serve Our Littleton Community

Have you found yourself sitting down at your computer or taking out your phone, fingers poised to type “psychiatrist near me” and then talking yourself out of it? We understand how that feels, and we are so happy you decided to take the first step in becoming a better version of you!

Here at Mile High Psychiatry, we are passionate about helping our clients feel their best. Oftentimes, that begins with helping to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. We know there is nothing to feel ashamed of or nervous about, and we want to help you feel at home when you walk into our doors. We aim to do that through the honest and open admissions of our very own specialists, talking about the struggles they have had individually with mental health.

Since 2017, Mile High Psychiatry has been committed to our patients, and committed to making each person who walks into our doors feel important and validated, no matter what they might be struggling with. From ADHD to thoughts of self-harm, our competent staff of psychiatric therapists are well-equipped to get you back to feeling like your best self as quickly as possible.

We are thrilled to expand our telepsychiatry services to Littleton, Colorado, because many of our amazing clients were making the trek up north to work with us in Wheat Ridge or Aurora, and we wanted to make our services more accessible to them. We are excited to welcome all of the new clients we are sure to attract in this area.

One of our goals at Mile High Psychiatry is to place ourselves where we find the greatest level of need. Colorado as a whole has one of the highest suicide rates in America, ranking at number six. Teens are especially at risk in Colorado, with a suicide rate of nearly double the national average. There are many reasons for this devastating statistic, one of which being the lack of mental health care providers. To put it in perspective, for every 100,000 people in Colorado, there are 92 primary-care physicians, compared with a mere 15 psychiatrists. That translates to a five month wait for patients seeking mental health help. Mile High Psychiatry wants to help change that statistic by adding experienced mental health professionals to the system with each new location we serve virtually.

Many people in the state also feel that mental health isn’t taken as seriously as it needs to be.

“It’s the only condition for which we sit until stage 4 to try and treat,” vice president of public policy for Mental Health America of Colorado Moe Keller told The Denver Post. “We wouldn’t do this with cancer. If someone went to their doctor with a tumor, they wouldn’t say wait until stage 4. But they do it with mental health.”

At Mile High Psychiatry, we never want you to wait to seek the care that you deserve. Our providers are easily accessible and ready to help you begin your journey to feeling your best.

We are especially passionate about reaching our youth, in the hopes of helping Colorado’s youth suicide rate to reverse it’s trend of rising, and bring it to a national low.

We look forward to welcoming you with confidence and gratitude.

Mental Health Treatment

At Mile High Psychiatry, we are aware of the strong link between poor mental health and poor physical health, and believe that an individual’s mental health should be prioritized and validated. After meeting with your provider for the first time, we will work with you to create a treatment plan specific to you and your needs.We believe in cultivating a relationship of trust with our patients, leading to the highest level of success. We are confident that carefully pairing our patients with a complementary provider will create a medication management plan that will provide quick and obvious results.

Our team of experienced and caring professionals are here to assist you in becoming the best version of you. We are always willing to meet our patients right where they are at, and we find so much fulfillment in watching even the smallest improvements. We know that the road to recovery is paved with small steps in the right direction, and we are here to alleviate any unnecessary burdens so you can focus solely on getting better.

Therapy, Insurance and Referrals

We pride ourselves on being a very honest and knowledgeable company, and that means knowing when an issue is outside of our scope of expertise. If and when this happens, we are proud to provide our patients with referrals to trusted providers in our area who specialize in exactly what our patient needs.

We strongly believe that collaboration between a variety of specialists, including doctors and therapists play a major part in lasting patient success, and we always strive to put our patients first. We hold ourselves to a very high professional standard, and promise to make this process as smooth as possible. As always, our conversations with you are completely confidential unless you tell us otherwise. We want you to feel safe and at peace with us while navigating the sometimes difficult journey of mental health improvement.

We find an attitude of mutual respect and a willingness to communicate on both ends leads to the highest success in helping us help you to become the best you.

We are sympathetic to the fact that seeking mental health services can be tedious, difficult and frustrating. Our team at Mile High Psychiatry does our best to jump through the proverbial hoops for you so that everything you need is taken care of in a timely manner. Insurance can be another difficult obstacle, and we try our hardest to make the process painless and straightforward. We have a team of dedicated individuals to act as a bridge between you and your insurance company, especially when it comes to seeking prescriptions. We take it upon ourselves to ensure we have prescribed the proper medication and sent it to a pharmacy that is most convenient for you. Prescription refills are a regular part of our services if we recognize the need, we simply ask you to plan for a window of 3-5 days to get the request filled.

We are so honored to have you consider us in your mental health journey and look forward to Helping You Become The Best You.

In our quest to make mental health treatment available for everyone, we accept a wide variety of insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare. Please contact us for a full list of medical insurances accepted.

Location Information

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Phone: (720) 507-4779
Fax: 720-367-5067

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