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Goals of Talk Therapy

The initial goal of talk therapy is to determine what mental health obstacles they’re facing. We provide talk therapy for patients with:

From there, we want to help patients feel better and handle their situation successfully. We help patients communicate their experiences effectively so they can determine if there are any cognitive or behavioral changes that can be made to make their situation better or their condition more manageable.

Group Talk Therapy

At Mile High Psychiatry, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative ways to help our patients improve their lives. By seeking out the most advanced therapies, we can give our patients the cognitive tools they need to overcome their mental health conditions. That is why we offer group Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a treatment designed to help patients identify and change negative thinking patterns and push for positive behavioral modifications.

DBT at Mile High Psychiatry is a group-based, telepsychiatry talk therapy that allows patients to practice mindfulness, improve distress tolerance, gain interpersonal skills and regulate emotions when faced with difficult situations.

Talk Therapy and Medication Therapy

In some instances, talk therapy alone is not enough to address a patient’s symptoms and manage their condition. For these patients, medications may be prescribed in conjunction with talk therapy. Situational mental disorders based on one’s environment may respond effectively to talk therapy, while more complex mental conditions may require medication management.

At Mile High Psychiatry, we find that a combination of talk therapy and medications may be the best route for treating specific mental health conditions.

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