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Laine Williams

Laine’s practice largely focuses on trauma-recovery and is informed by principles from Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi method, and other mind-body therapies. Sometimes trauma-therapy only relies on talking about what has happened, which can create a frustrating loop for patients who can articulate the details of events, but still have feelings in their bodies of being unsafe, being addicted, or being plagued by fear, anxiety, and depression. 

Laine’s approach is to gently help patients learn their own emotional language as it is being expressed by the body. The ability to tune into sensations in the physical body gives way to deeper insight about the attitudes and ideas that are being stored internally and driving behavior. When you can learn how to listen to and calm the physiological sensation of emotion, you often get further than simply talking through a narrative of the events that have happened.  This ability is something that can be cultivated in therapy and applied in everyday life to produce the feelings of wellbeing and a return to the innate self that lives underneath the trauma. 

Sessions are often a combination of talking, pausing, tuning into the internal experience, and processing what has been revealed.  Laine considers the therapy process one of discovery  where together we can explore the hidden aspects of the self that are too overwhelming, too shameful, or too dark to be entered alone.  

Laine is deeply passionate about her career.  She considers it a privilege to witness her patients as they bravely navigate their inner landscapes and cross sacred thresholds of healing. Laine’s own journey has included inspiration from Jungian psychology, mythology about the Wild Woman Archetype, the immense philosopher John O’ Donohue who speaks of the incorruptible essence we all possess, and the symbolism of Nature which reflects back to us ancient cycles of destruction and the promise of renewal.

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