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Genoa Healthcare: Full-Service Pharmacy Located On Site

The Genoa Healthcare pharmacy located on-site is open and ready to serve you – even if you’re meeting with your doctor by phone or video! The pharmacy team is focused on serving the needs of those in the behavioral health and substance use disorder communities, as well as those who have complex, chronic conditions.

The Genoa Healthcare pharmacy:

  • Fills all medications (not just behavioral health medications)
  • Can mail all your medications (at no extra cost) to your home or place of residence
  • Organizes your pills based on the date and time you need to take them, making it easier to stay on track
  • Cares for and gets to know each person on an individual level, serving as an extension of your care team


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Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy
Located within Boxer Properties
14221 E 4th Ave #2-126
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 720-269-5215
Fax: 303-268-0958

Mile High Psychiatry

Learn more about our services and schedule your appointment today by calling:

CALL NOW: (346) 308-8919

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