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How To Tell the Difference Between Depression and Sadness

People often lump all feelings of sadness under the depression umbrella, but there are distinct differences between sadness and depression.…

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5 Ways To Manage ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition characterized by issues with focus, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. ADHD may make it…

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What to Do When You Can’t Find a Mental Health Provider

When struggling with mental health, it can be challenging to find the right resources and support. Sometimes, the most frustrating…

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Anxiety in School: Tips to Help You Thrive

Whether you're in high school or tackling your undergraduate degree, anxiety in school is a very real and common issue.…

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6 Myths About Mental Health Disorders

Despite one in five Americans suffering from mental illness every year, stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health disorders are still…

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Can Stress Make You Sick?

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. It's an inevitable part of life, but did you know stress can make…

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Burnout: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Burnout. We've all heard of it, but what is it? We live in a world of hustle and bustle where…

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Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Social Anxiety

We all get anxious every now and then, but some people experience social anxiety more severely than others. For example,…

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Ways to De-Stress Under Pressure

Whether from school, work, or relationships with others, elevated levels of pressure can trigger our body’s fight or flight response.…

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