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Benefits of Getting Out in Nature

We all know that going for a run or walk at the park is great for our physical health, but the benefits don’t stop there. Research suggests that spending time in nature can function as a natural medicine and is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

5 Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

We understand that having a full-time job, school or kids can make it difficult to spend time outdoors. However, even a 5-minute walk in the park or through your neighborhood is a great way to breathe in the fresh air and reap some of these other health benefits of being outside.

Improve Mood

If you’re staying home more than usual these days, getting outside can be a great way to de-stress. Nature makes us happy and improves our overall mood. It boosts endorphin levels and dopamine production, which promotes happiness.  Being in nature allows us to slow down, pay attention to different things, and let go of stress. It gives us a chance to enjoy where we are at that exact moment. 

Stress Relief

Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety. A growing number of studies have shown that visiting green spaces and being exposed to natural environments can reduce psychological stress. 

Windows are a particularly salient feature of the workplace, not only as a matter of preference but also for health and well-being. According to a study, even looking at trees through a window can reduce stress levels.   

Energy Boost

Spending time inside all day can make you feel sluggish. Instead of reaching for an energy drink or coffee for that extra kick of energy, boost your energy levels with a dose of fresh air and nature! Studies have shown that a brief 20-minute walk outdoors can give you all of the benefits of a cup of coffee. 

Enhance Creativity

Nature can enhance creative ways of thinking. A study showed that nature has the ability to evoke the creative way of thinking by making us more curious, able to get new ideas, as well as flexible in our way of thinking. Being in nature also helps us to recharge our directed-attention, which is necessary when analyzing and further developing ideas.  

Are you in a creative rut? Try going for a stroll around the park to get those creative juices flowing!

Deliver Better Sleep

More than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, according to a new study in the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Fortunately, getting close to nature may improve the quality of one’s sleep. A two-hour walk in the woods is enough to improve sleep quality and help relieve sleep problems.  

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